I have a lot of caring friends
They e-mail me all the time to tell
That I should lose some weight
20 Lbs a week or even 30 if I’m lucky
And if I use their products this or that
I might get a date with their friend Holly
Or Kelly, or Debby, Libby, Emily, Kitty, Lucy or Melody
They must know me pretty well

Somewhere Elsie

Her parents didn’t expect this to happen
When they were waiting for a healthy child
And the doctors did not know the cause
But they would love her always and forever

Of course they worried about later
When they would not be there anymore
Would there be someone to love her then
Where she is happy all the time

But her mind is far away in Somewhere Elsie
We can only see her like the things she’s watching
In another place that’s unknown in our world
Where she is happy all the time

Somewhere Elsie, where the sun is warm
You can see it shining in her smile

Somewhere, Elsie

Actually the title wasn’t made up by myself but quoted from once a colleague in a different place and time. Elsie was always happy, smiling and enjoying the things we could not see. As if her mind was in a totally different place filled with laughter. As my colleague would say, she’s Somewhere Elsie.


When I turned the knob on my old tube radio
The needle on the dial slowly went from left to right
First Prag then to Stavanger, off to Sundsvall, Riga and Munich

And while the noise of places in between us could be heard
I was sure I heard a faint women’s voice coming from the speakers

I love you, you love me, love me, if you love me
Please come here and save me from this distant place
A thousand miles from you is where I am across that dial
Come and rescue me, rescue me, rescue me, love me, love me

Needle on the edge

Put the needle on the edge
O please I need cheering up
Put the needle on the edge
Play that record that I love
I got the needle in my vein
Yes it hurts so much I need
Music to heal my sorry soul
Put that record on the pin
Just a few hours more and
Then it is done for now so
Make a record sing for me
Put the needle on the edge
Because I need this miracle
I need this sickness healing
Put the needle on the edge

Waiting for her kiss

There were days that he vividly remembered
That song, the dance, it’s rhythm and scores
With his eyes closed he saw his girl swirling
Dancing graciously through their living room
And he thought, this is to me what real love is

She danced Pirouettes in her pink ballet dress
Tiptoeing as she was floating on dancing shoes
But forgotten that he had lost her years ago
He played the old Steinway in a nursing home
Still in love with her and waiting for her kiss

Angels we have heard on high

From up there in the house she wants us all to know
That long ago Jesus Christ was born
Her voice coming from her bedroom in the attic above
On this winter Christmas morn’

Joy to the world, peace on earth
Are the words she keeps on singing
I don’t care if she sings it all day long

The house would be so quiet if she wasn’t here today
Or if there was no joyful song to sing
But nothing in the entire world is pleasing me more
Then to hear her sing about our King

And I put the needle on the record
So she can hear the bells are ringing
In the rhythm of her Christmas song

Angels we have heard on high …