My parents named me Leon and I was born in The Netherlands in 1968.


The house where I was born

Over the last 20 year I have been writing short stories, lots of poems and blogs but I started writing poetry already when I was 13 or 14 years old. In a lot of these poems you can see experiences from my own life.

My daytime job is taking care of my lovely wife and children, cooking of fantastic meals and creativity. And when I can I write down the things that pop up in my mind. Some of the poems I have written in English are already published.

I have a thing for England. In my younger years I lived in Norfolk for several years. I am also an enthusiastic follower of Jesus, I like to write about Him too sometimes. A lot of my poems are written in English but also in Dutch, my first language.

When I was 5 years old my parents moved to an area called “De Veluwe” (much like Norfolk in England) also known as “The Bible Belt” in The Netherlands. After an education in technics I wandered around a bit, had various jobs and so I saw a lot of places and people (most of whom were very nice).

Old Hall

Once my home, Old Hall in England

I once had eye contact with a beautiful girl, just a split second and then she was gone. It took me three years to find her again. I married her and now -22 years later- we are still in love. Together we have four great children.


This is where I live now